New Years 2013 Resolution


I was once told that the two most powerful words in the English language were “ThankYou”. What better choice of words are there to express the joy and satisfaction we feel for our tremendous supporters and the wonderful people we serve. “Thank You” for believing in us and our mission; “Thank You” for supporting our endeavors; “Thank You” for recognizing the good work being done here; and “Thank You” for allowing us to positively impact the community by helping to save lives. 
We have a very simple, yet complex, New Years Resolution for 2013: continue to help save lives by providing the type of services that promote healthy behaviors, productivity and long-term sobriety. Below is an excerpt from one of my earlier blogs that is still relevant and worthy of a resolution every new year:

“… Recovery starts with the identification that there is a problem and the decision to do something about it...Within the twelve-steps, there is content and a tone that promotes self awareness and responsibility, which is necessary to help effectively cope with the disease of addiction. I submit to you that there is also content and a tone that promotes giving back. While it is necessary to become selfishly involved with the recovery process, it is as equally necessary to become involved with uplifting a community with the knowledge and experience gleaned from the tremendous battle with addiction.
The responsibility to help prevent our younger generation from becoming involved with illicit substances (both legal and illegal), is ours. We have been given a chance to reach and teach those who may be unaware; those who may be experimenting and those who may be looking for help. Our unfavorable circumstances that consist of drug addiction, drug distribution, illiteracy, crime, violence, etc. will not change until the people change. We have committed to helping people make that change here at Mariners Inn. We choose to be part of the solution. Everything we do here is designed to achieve our desired outcome of helping to save lives by returning men to their families and the community clean and sober...One Father At A Time".
Recovery is real and begins at Mariners Inn! Happy New Year 2013!
Dave Sampson

Mariners Inn is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

Mariners Inn is licensed as a residential and outpatient treatment center through the Office of Substance Abuse Services for the State of Michigan Department of Public Health and has achieved the most prestigious three-year accreditation through the Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).