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Mariners Inn needs twin-sized mattresses in good or new condition. We will pick up if you are in the Detroit area! Call Doreen Mannino at 313.962.9446 x 230, or email her at dwebb@marinersinn.org.

Are you planning to make a donation of clothing, furniture, or other items to Mariners Inn? Save time by downloading our donation form.

Thank you to our community partners and supporters!


Gift cards needed: Do you shop at Target, Rite Aid, or similar stores? Do you receive gift cards when making specific purchases? Why not donate the gift cards to Mariners Inn? In doing so, you will help cover the cost of monthly prescriptions for our clients. Just mail the cards to Mariners Inn at 445 Ledyard, Detroit, 48201, attn: Doreen Mannino.

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2010 Recovery Conference in Lansing

On September 14, Mariners Inn consumers attended the 11th Annual Substance Use Disorder Conference in Lansing. The men represented true recovery to our legislators.



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Family Fun Day 2010

On August 28, Mariners Inn hosted our annual Family Fun Day for our staff, consumers, and their family members. The event was organized by staff member Angelo Glenn.

Right: Ms. Shamily, Mariners Inn staff member, with her daughter.

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