The Alumni & Outreach Program was created to provide a safe and productive environment for former clients to receive counseling, case management, referrals, and recreational activities. The primary purpose is to assist the men who have successfully completed the Residential Treatment Program and are not currently enrolled in the aftercare programs offered by the Inn (MER and TH). The program provides:

  • A peer-lead meeting every Sunday
  • Individual counseling (by appointment)
  • Referral services for housing, transportation, and training / education
  • Healthy and safe leisure activities
  • Job leads

The Outreach Specialist follows up with former clients at their homes, NA/AA meetings, or social functions to find out if they are in need of services or referrals. Many times the Outreach Specialist will encounter former clients who have relapsed and the Specialist will work on getting them back into treatment.

The Alumni & Outreach Program also provides a Youth Prevention component through classroom presentations about the negative impact of drug and alcohol abuse.

Program Wish List:

  • Event tickets, movie passes, concert tickets
  • Bus tickets
  • Funds to cover outpatient treatment
  • Guest speakers
  • Office supplies
  • Training opportunities