Mariners Inn 7th Annual Adopt-A-Family

This month the men and staff of Mariners Inn participated in our annual Adopt-A-Family Program.  We have been doing Adopt-A-Family at the Inn for the past 7 years growing from 4 families in the beginning to 20 families in 2013.  Each year we push ourselves to help more and each year the gratification we all receive gets bigger and bigger.  The men raise money for their assigned families through pizza parties and coffee sales while the staff finds sponsors for the rest and we all work together to make a little Christmas magic happen. 

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Mariners Inn PRIDE Club

Mariners Inn alumni Minister David P. Smith speaks about his involvement with the PRIDE Club.

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Harvey's Story

Hello, my name is Harvey Pollard.  This is the story of what my life was like prior to Mariners Inn, what I’ve done since I’ve been a client at Mariners, and what Mariners has helped me with during my stay.  Become I came into Mariners Inn my life was completely unmanageable.  My family couldn’t control me and my friends weren’t really friends unless our friendship involved doing something doing something negative and unnecessary.  I started smoking marijuana, taking prescription medications, and drinking alcohol as a minor.  I loved the feeling of being high all the time; it helped me to e

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