Carl's Story

My name is Carl W. I have been a client of Mariners Inn since April 18, 2008. Upon my completion of the 90 day program, I entered the Mariners Inn Transitional House, extended program. My affliction is alcoholism. Before coming to Mariners Inn, my life was a wreck, due to prolonged use and abuse of alcohol. Hopelessness was a constant companion. All of that has changed now, there is hope. The staff at Mariners Inn have been very, very good to me and compassionate, they care what happens. This program addresses every aspect of this disease. Here at Mariners you find out things about yourself, through group and one on one meetings and what it takes to maintain that sobriety. I am catching up with the real me after all these years. This program has been wonderful for me and continues to be. There is so much more I could say. Through the grace of GOD I’ve been given a chance to change my way of life for the better here at Mariners Inn TH and that’s exactly what I am doing. But not by myself. This program is a blessing.

Carl W.


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