Cedric's Story

My life has become better since coming through the doors of Mariner’s Inn. I am a sixtyone year old man with a broken spirit, hopelessness, mentally, and physically bankrupt. I didn’t even love myself and if I can’t love myself how can I love anyone else. Being a drug addict all your life and in the streets, that’s all you know, and your life is down to the animal level. But Mariner’s Inn has shown me a new way to live and a new way of life. They said you can recover. They have given me the tools on a daily basis in my defense against addiction which is a deadly disease. With close to 50 years of addiction Mariners has given me hope and I’ve become an acceptable, responsible, and productive member of society. Mariner’s goes well beyond the call of duty for everyone who comes through their doors. The staff has much love and passion in doing their job. You can’t put a price tag on it or what they have done for me. They are Angels.

Cedric T.


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