Darrell's Story

Darrell celebrated one year clean when he walked onto the campus of Eastern Michigan University as one of the class of 2017. This was a milestone for both Darrell and Mariners Inn. Whereas many of the men who are in our Transitional Housing program (TH) and Mariners Extended Residency program (MER) are enrolled in local colleges, Darrell is the first to live on an actual college campus.

Darrell is one of a growing number of young men aged 18-29 that we service. Due to the increase in younger clients, the Residential Youth Prevention Program (RYPP) was born. RYPP is for young men ages 18-24 that are in imminent danger of falling into homelessness, drug addiction, and/or criminal behavior. This program serves men up to 90 days in a residential setting and provides individual therapy, drug prevention classes, vocational assistance, mental health treatment, peer support, art therapy, and housing placement.

Like most college freshman Darrell is getting acclimated to his classes and forging new friendships. He has a job on campus as a resident hall security staff member, which allows him ample time to study. Darrell developed a strong work ethic over the summer while working in the office of City Council President Saunteel Jenkins. He calls his Mariners Inn family weekly, which typically results in fairly lengthy calls as he gets transferred from department to department when word gets out that that Darrell is on the phone. Dave Sampson, CEO, said, “It warms my heart and reaffirms my commitment to help save lives when young men like Darrell take advantage of the services and people within this organization. While transporting Darrell to his dorm room on the campus of EMU, I could feel the excitement exuding from his every word. Pride is an understatement to what I felt: love, accomplishment and hope would probably characterize my feelings more succinctly”.


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