David's Story

Substance abuse began at an early age for David. At 14 he started drinking and smoking marijuana, by 16 he dropped out of school, and by 19 he was using on a regular basis. David was then arrested for transporting marijuana. He was beaten down and felt his life was going nowhere. That’s when he came to Mariners Inn.

He completed the program successfully and believed that he had the inner strength to remain clean and sober. Unfortunately, David was unable to go it alone and began another downward spiral into substance abuse. He once again began smoking marijuana, drinking, and smoking crack.

After learning that he had a baby on the way, David once again realized he had to change his life. He re-entered Mariners Inn with the hope of kicking his habit once and for all. However, after he left, he lost his battle with his demons and returned to alcohol and smoking crack. His ongoing drug and alcohol abuse tore a hole in his relationship with his girlfriend and his family. David found himself living on the streets, sleeping at bus stops and surviving dayto-day. Fortunately for David, an aunt took him in and he once again called Mariners Inn.

At Mariners Inn we believe in second and third chances and we welcomed David back. Believing that this was his final chance to survive, he committed himself to recovery. Today, David has been clean and sober for over six years and is a caring father to his son and a provider for his family.


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