Earl's Story

Hello; My name is Earl S. I just want to express my gratitude for the Strengthening Families program.

After coming into treatment after a few days go by and your head begins to clear, you think about all the wrongs you’ve done while in the madness of your addiction. And you feel tormented in your mind, of thoughts about how you’ve hurt and disappointed so many people, especially those close to you, your family. I recall being so hurt and feeling so lonely because I missed my children. The family program was a great blessing to me. It allowed my family to come on a volunteer basis and participate in my recovery, as well as their own, because the program taught me that addiction affects all members of the family and all members needed to be educated on the nature of addiction, co-dependency, children of alcoholics, and so on.

The parts I enjoyed about the program are: the family meal time, the breakdown of groups of parenting counseling and children counseling, family activities and games, just the opportunity it allows for father, children, wife, significant other, etc. to interact with one another, things most of us men forgot about in active addiction. We were also taken on some wonderful field trips such as baseball games and other outside activities, the beautiful part was the fact that the program was funded so there was no expenses to us. And if that wasn’t enough they even arranged for our family members to be picked up if they did not have transportation to come.

I would like to say a special thank you to all the staff members and coordinators of the Strengthening Families program. And to the first director of the program that I remember, Miss Fox.

Earl S.


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