Michael's Story

Mariners Inn has made a Tremendous Impact on my Life!!!!! It has taken me a better part of 12 years to finally really understand Addiction, Myself, and the Impact that it has had on me and my Family. For years I just went thru the motions of trying to get better, then falling backwards again. This is my Second stint at Mariners Inn. The first time here, I half-way had it right, yet I didn’t quite make it. I was devastated that I didn’t and still managed to stay clean for a while after I left. However, Mariners Inn left a lasting impression on me and equipped me with some tools and knowledge that started me on my way to really addressing my addiction and what it had truly done to me.

Subsequently, when I returned in April of 2008 I was truly ready to address my Addiction and Surrender in order to salvage what was left of my Life. I did not think of going anywhere else, I returned to Mariner’s Inn and proceeded to put my life in order. As in my previous visit the Staff was highly Professional, Compassionate, and Genuinely supportive of my Recovery. Coupled with my complete surrender I believe this enabled me to deal with some issues that were buried deep down inside of me. Once I let go of these issues my Recovery truly took off.

Once I completed my Inpatient program I applied for and was accepted into the Mariner’s Transitional Housing Program. This is where my life really started taking shape. In Transitional I was able to enjoy a structured environment, yet continue to concentrate on my Recovery. With the Support that the Clients enjoy and various agencies that Mariner’s Inn enjoys good working relationships with Recovery has taken on a whole new aspect. My life has improved in leaps and bounds. My confidence, spirituality, decision making, and coping skills are at an all time high. I truly thank Mariner’s Inn and will be forever grateful for allowing me to recapture what was left of my life. I have been able to spread my wings again………and Soar!!!!!!!!

Michael R.


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