Shaye's Story

Shaye is a member of the RYPP program and was moved to the MER residential area in February 2014. Thus far, he has continued to display a positive attitude in his recovery process. He has been observed working on his newly developed treatment plan on a daily basis. He is in the process of preparing to take his GED exam and he has been observed often studying for this test. Shaye has also been willing to address personal issues that have been a barrier to him in achieving a successful independent lifestyle. His open-minded disposition has allowed him to be ready to learn a new way of living. Upon his arrival to the MER program, he was diligent in his attempts to locate employment. His hard work paid off when he was hired with a sanitation company to work approximately 20-30 hours a week. He has been working for about a month and has continued to attend his outside meetings as required.


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