Thomas's Story

My name is Thomas R. I came to Mariners Inn November 30, 2007, homeless and addicted to alcohol and cocaine. I was tired of hurting myself and my family. With nowhere to go and no hope, I did the 90 days program. I got the tools I needed from the counselors on how to change my way of thinking and my behavior. They gave me the opportunity to continue my recovery over at the TH Program. I’ve been over here 1 year and 1 month, I came here with no GED or Diploma. Now I’m in my last month to graduate and I am working part-time, working on preparing myself, when I do get back out in society. Mrs. Yanish, Miss Watts, and Mr. Brown, they have given me assistance with the house meeting, group therapy, one-on-one’s, vocational counseling, and writing journals to maintain focus in my recovery. I go to 12 step, NA meeting, and talk to my sponsor to keep myself in recovery and improve my life. Thank you TH. If it wasn’t for Mariners Inn, I wouldn’t be here clean and sober.

Thomas R.


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