The Mariners Inn Extended Residency (MER) & Recovery Housing (RH) Programs are alcohol- and drug-free residential environments for homeless men desiring to gain independence. Both programs have the capacity to assist a combined total of 64 adult men with an array of services and special needs.

It is the Housing Program’s philosophy to provide the highest level of professional services to all residents to help them overcome the problem of homelessness and related issues. We seek to address all barriers to independent living and provide an environment that encourages all to achieve their fullest potential.


MER is a permanent supportive living experience available to men who have successfully completed a residential treatment program and who may have a physical or mental disability and/or extraneous barriers than may impede them in finding employment. MER program has a capacity of 28 beds. All men admitted into the program are allowed to remain for up to 2 years initially. This time may be extended as necessary to further assist the men who need additional time to overcome barriers to independent living. When a resident is identified as needing to living in a permanent group setting, Mariners Extended Residency continues to provide housing for an indefinite period of time. The resident is expected to continue fulfilling the requirements of the program and to demonstrate his commitment to self-improvement.


RH is a supportive, semi-independent living experience available to men who have also successfully completed the Mariners Inn Residential Treatment Program and who are readily employable or have no extraneous barriers impeding employment. RH has a capacity of 36 beds. All men admitted into the program are allowed to remain for a minimum of six months, up to the two year maximum length of stay. RH offers the opportunity to work on all aspects of an individual’s total recovery. Each individual works on his own specific goals (i.e. his particular way of being self-sufficient) established with the assistance of RH staff.


  • TH – Avg # served daily: 31
  • MER – Avg # served daily: 26
  • TH – % Transitioning to Permanent Housing: 97%
  • MER- % Transitioning to Permanent Housing: 98%


Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible for one of the housing programs, one must have successfully completed a residential treatment program and/or have been clean for at least 30 days. The housing programs are for those who are homeless and have worked on developing the ability to achieve self-sufficiency and independence.


Housing Programs are federally funded programs whose participants are required to pay Fee-For-Service or Utility Fees. The fee-for-service is 30% of a resident’s annual income and is expected to be paid monthly. The utility fee is a nominal fee dependent on the resident’s income while participating in the program and is expected to be paid monthly.

What Makes Us Unique

The Work Experience Program (WEP) and Incentive to Independent Living are incentive programs awarded to eligible Housing residents in the efforts to support their personal goal of self sufficiency. The Mariners Inn Housing Program offers these two unique opportunities for residents to learn skills, earn money, and save earnings.

Services Provided

The housing programs are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services are provided daily, and include:

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Life Skills Group
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Transportation
  • Employment Leads
  • Legal Assistance
  • Medical & Dental Referrals
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Medication Assistance
  • Vision/Eye Glass Assistance
  • In-House Workshops & Training
  • Financial Planning/Budgeting
  • Recreations & Socialization
  • Team Building & Spiritual Retreats
  • Resources to Case Management & Supportive Services as required

Work Experience Program (WEP)

Trainees are employed by Mariners Inn to work around the facility for a maximum of 20 hours per week for a maximum of 10 weeks per calendar year. Trainees earn state average minimum wage per each hour worked.

Incentive to Independent Living

Upon successful completion of a housing program (MER or TH), a percentage of their Fee-For-Service is returned (minus any money owed) to assist the resident with security deposit, utilities, and/or furniture for their permanent housing arrangement.


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