June 1, 2020

What’s Going On?

Some of us remember those famous words as they were written and sang by Marvin Gaye live in 1971; 49 years ago. The basic tenets of the song were trying to send a message about political policies and police brutality. In my mind, there is no more appropriate tune to reflect our current environment because I too am wondering; what’s going on?

I have the distinct honor and privilege to serve an organization that is cognizant of current events and promotes the dignity and respect of every single person that we help to prepare to save their lives by successfully battling the disease of addiction. We are staunchly aware that certain events can trigger the types of environmental trauma that led to an exacerbated active addiction amongst the people that we serve. It is our duty to openly and honestly explore discussions surrounding the type of trauma that has impacted this entire nation; maybe even the world. In doing so, we help the people we serve to develop coping skills necessary to prevent relapse and more importantly, to develop those talents (some hidden) to lend a voice or action to causes that promote peace, dignity and well-being. Today June 1, 2020 was one of those moments where we listened and learned how today’s current environment has impacted them. We talked about George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. Men shared stories that produced tears, anger, frustration, resentment as well as peace, unity and the shared goal of getting healthy enough to contribute to the positive aspects of society. To hear the expression of “what can I do about it?” from the men, raised the kind of exuberance in me that only solidified why I absolutely adore living this mission of helping to return the people we serve to dignity, respect and long-term sobriety.

We have a unique opportunity to educate, emulate and love people the way we want society to do the same. Remaining forever vigilant about setting examples and cognizant about the current events that promote opportunities to do just that, is what drives the nurturing compassion from the professionals of Mariners Inn and the people that we serve.

Sincerely with Respect and Optimism,

David Sampson, Chief Executive Officer


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