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Mariners Inn’s Strengthening Families Program is dedicated to educating and counseling the families of clients in substance abuse treatment. To strengthen family support for the client and prevent relapse, the Strengthening Families Program holds orientation workshops for family and friends to help them understand addiction and the treatment process, as well as weekly counseling sessions in which family members examine their own roles and discuss the changes they need to make in support of the addict’s recovery.

Monthly family dinners at Mariners Inn, where clients can gather with spouses, children, parents and siblings for food, fellowship and fun, are an excellent way to begin rebuilding family relationships. The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is an evidence-based program designed to reunite clients with their families, educate their children on the disease of addiction, and teach parenting skills.


The Mariners Inn Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is grounded in the nationally renowned program model and is evidence based with proven results. The goal of the program is to teach children about the disease of addiction and to assist them in prevention methods so the cycle of addiction in the family can be broken.

SFP serves the families of Mariners Inn men and the community, with a special focus on school-aged children. Children age six and under are also welcome to attend, as free babysitting accommodations are available on site.

SFP meets once per week on Thursdays, from 5pm to 8pm. The program covers 14 sessions of behavior skills training.

The training uses family systems and cognitive behavioral approaches to increase resilience and reduce risk factors for behavioral, emotional, academic and social problems faced by youth who live with a family member suffering from the disease of addiction.

Parents, teens, and children enjoy a family dinner and then break into groups to focus on issues that are most important to them. Parents learn skills including communication, effective discipline, and setting boundaries. Teens and children learn problem solving, social skills, peer pressure resistance, effective communication, consequences of substance abuse, and more. At the end of each session, families engage in family focused activities and practice their new skills.

Our Strengthening Families Program strives to educate our clients and their families about the disease of addiction and its effect on their family. The objective of SFP is to reunify families by improving family relations, increasing parenting skills, and enhancing children’s coping skills.

This program will help families understand their own difficulties and reactions to the disease of addiction. As a result, the intention is to help fathers successfully complete the Residential Treatment Program and stay on the path to sober living.

To Register: Contact Angelo Glenn, SFP Director (313) 962-9446 ext. 231 or


  • Improving Family Relationships
  • Improving Parenting Skills
  • Strengthening Communication within the Family
  • Increasing Youths’ Social and Life Skills
  • Providing Knowledge to Break the Cycle of Substance Abuse


  • Transportation
  • Dinner and Snacks each Week
  • Weekly Prize Incentives and Raffle Drawings for Children and Parents
  • Educational and Social Activities
  • Field Trips


  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Gifts for each Family Completing all 14 Sessions


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To read more about our prevention programs, visit

The RYPP Program consists of two components for consumers ages 18 – 29:

  • Phase I: Stabilization (Residential)
  • Phase II: Independence (Housing)

Phase I: Stabilization

The Mariners Inn RYPP is for young men ages 18-29 who are in imminent danger of falling into homelessness, drug addiction, and/or criminal behavior. This program will house men up to 90 days in a residential setting and provides individual therapy, drug prevention classes, vocational assistance, mental health treatment, peer support, art therapy, and housing placement.

The young men are housed in a special unit of the Mariners Inn Residential Treatment Program for up to 90 days. Upon entry they are assigned to the Prevention Counselor who begins working with them on the development of their Independence Plan which is a holistic wellness plan addressing areas such as physical health, mental health, family, social, educational, vocational, and housing. The men are also assisted with Case Management issues like physical health, obtaining their birth certificates and/or ID, and housing upon completion of the program. Other services the men might need are assessed, determined, and delivered by their primary counselor.

The Men will attend:

  • Drug prevention groups (if applicable)
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Peer support group
  • Art therapy group
  • Mental health treatment (if necessary)
  • Vocational groups
  • Recreational Activities – basketball team, bowling , softball and exercising

Phase II: Independence

The Mariners Inn Youth Transitional Living Program will provide shelter and individualized services for unaccompanied single male youth ages 18-29 years old who are considered “high risk.” High Risk is defined as youths who are more likely to have dropped out of school, have unstable relationships with their families, struggle with mental health and/or substance abuse issues, and/or experience long stretches of homelessness. The youths will live in a supported, structured environment and receive comprehensive social services to increase their independent living skills and ability to be self-sufficient. Specifically, this program will provide supportive services for a minimum of 6 months for youths who are reunited with family and up to 24 months for youths who are unable to return to their homes.


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