Dear Friends,

The holidays are once again upon us and we couldn’t be more gratefully blessed to share how excited we are about another year of helping to save lives! The tumultuous shift that we had to make because of the pandemic caused us to exercise quality laden skills that highlighted more heroic efforts than ever realized before. Quite frankly, the dedicated service work from our staff and the commitment from the people we serve proved, once again, that we are an exceptionally gifted and compassionate organization whose primary focus is to help save lives!

The pandemic also exposed those ills associated with the type of dysfunction and isolation that could lead to exacerbating the disease of addiction. We stood (and still stand) ready to effectively address the trauma and behaviors associated with the disease by providing professional intervention designed to produce the successful outcome of long-term sobriety. In the midst of the pandemic, we were still able to help the people that came to us seeking help, reclaim their lives by helping them develop a toolbox of coping skills necessary to help prevent relapse. As equally important, the people we served were able to develop an overwhelming sense of service in terms of giving back to the recovery community, by helping the next person in need of our care do the same.

The holidays, for the most part, serve as a reminder that there are things, times, people and events to celebrate. I submit to you that Recovery is also worthy of the type of celebration that the holiday season demands. Unfortunately, one of the downfalls of the holiday season for the recovery community is that the holidays also bring a sense of old memories that relate to active addiction. In other words, the holidays made it okay to actively use drugs and/or alcohol to enjoy the festivities; that unfortunate downfall has the potential to produce unwanted desires from the people in recovery to partake in the festivities and suffer a relapse. Couple that circumstance with the negative impact that the pandemic has had on society, and it will illuminate the importance of fighting the disease of addiction with every available tool necessary to promote that recovery is real and that long-term sobriety is possible.

While relapse is a debilitating reality of the recovery process, it does not have to occur during the holiday season, or ever for that matter. It is our hope that for the people trying to maintain their sobriety by consistently battling the disease of addiction, the holidays can be enjoyed clean and sober.

We also recognize that this phenomena is not relegated to people that are new in the recovery process, but it also applies to the seasoned veterans that have been around (clean and sober) for years. I recommend that honesty win out in a situation where a person in recovery is faced with the uncomfortable position of making a decision on whether or not to partake in a celebration that includes any form of mood and/or mind-altering substance that causes intoxication; it’s okay to say, “thanks, but no thanks”. If the situation becomes unbearable, call your sponsor and/or someone that supports your efforts of battling the disease of addiction successfully and remove yourself from the threat of relapse.

Once again, recovery is real and possible if you believe and do what’s necessary one day at a time. Thank you for believing in us enough to continue to support us with your words, wisdom, wealth and work.

We look forward to your continued support which will enable us to provide many more years of dedicated quality-driven and compassionate service to the community and the people searching for a better way to live without the disease of addiction.

Enjoy the Holiday Season!


Sincerely with Love, Respect and Admiration,

Dave Sampson, CEO Mariners Inn


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