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Welcome to Mariners Inn, where we offer a comprehensive range of services dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery and stability.


Our Housing programs provide a safe and nurturing environment for those seeking refuge and a fresh start.


Through our Prevention Programs, we strive to educate and empower communities to make informed choices, reducing the risk of substance abuse and addiction.


Our Residential Treatment Programs offer intensive, personalized care, combining therapy, counseling, and holistic approaches to address the root causes of addiction.


For those transitioning to independent living, our Outpatient Treatment Programs provide ongoing support and resources.


We believe in the power of peer support, which is why we offer Peer Mentoring services, connecting individuals with lived experience to guide and inspire others along the path to recovery.


Our Alumni Programs foster a sense of community and continued growth, ensuring that support and resources are always available beyond the initial stages of treatment.


At Mariners Inn, we are committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate care to all those we serve.

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