Mariners Inn Featured on Detroit Non-Profits Blog

This past spring break, I was an Alternative Spring Break Detroit participant. During the week, we visited various nonprofit organizations and panel discussions. We attended a panel discussion at Mariners Inn and discussed issues within the city

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Growing Dreams - Mariners Inn Community Garden

This year, we started our first community garden. The video you are watching documents the men harvesting our first crop, lettuce. The purpose of the garden is to give the gentlemen a healthy, therapeutic outlet while also giving them the opportunity to contribute to one of the major issues in our community, an inability to access fresh produce.

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Demolition for future urban farm


Volunteers from Motor City Blight Busters, Starbucks and Teach for America deconstruct houses in Detroit.

From The Detroit News:

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Recovery and Responsibility- "Uplifting a Community"

Making the decision to change your life after years of use and abuse of drugs, alcohol and other mind/mood-altering chemicals, is both admirable and necessary.    Recovery starts with the identification that there is a problem and the decision to do something about it.   The Twelve-Steps of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous is one of the most recognized and effective  tools used to help combat the disease of addiction.  Within the twelve-steps, there is content and a tone that promotes self awareness and responsibility; which is necessary to help effectively cope with the disease of addicition.   I submit to you that there is also content and a tone that promotes giving back.  While it is necessary to become selfishly involved with the recovery process, it is as equally necessary to become involved with uplifting a community with the knoweldge and experience gleaned from the tremendous battle with addiction.  The responsibility

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Musicians and Drugs

Eminem’s first step advice to anyone with a drug or alcohol problem is to “admit you’ve got a problem.” In the second part of Access Investigates Musicians and Drugs, they look at those who found their way out of a downward spiral and are now living a drug-free life.

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Mariners Inn is looking for a tutor!

Recovery from drug abuse encompasses more than just abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

It also includes the rebuilding of many areas of one's life including their health, education, work, and home life.  One of the largest areas for many people is continuing their education so they can find employment and be competitive in today's workforce.  For many of our gentlemen that begins with gaining their GED. 

Mariners Inn is looking for a volunteer tutor to work with the gentleman 3-4 days a week on basic math, reading, writing, history, and science.  Hours and days are flexible.  The right person should have experience and/or education in the area of adult education and be extremely patient. 

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Harvey's Story

Hello, my name is Harvey Pollard.  This is the story of what my life was like prior to Mariners Inn, what I’ve done since I’ve been a client at Mariners, and what Mariners has helped me with during my stay.  Become I came into Mariners Inn my life was completely unmanageable.  My family couldn’t control me and my friends weren’t really friends unless our friendship involved doing something doing something negative and unnecessary.  I started smoking marijuana, taking prescription medications, and drinking alcohol as a minor.  I loved the feeling of being high all the time; it helped me to e

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Mariners Inn is starting a Community Garden!

We are beginning to plan our first community garden for the spring and are really excited about this project.  We hope to eventually have a garden big enough to provide food not only to our clients but to the surrounding community.  We also hope this garden will be a place for connection with the both the earth and with each other.

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